We are in a time when the veracity of Genesis is questioned by Christian and non-Christian.

Our culture via academics, media and politics militates against the idea of a Creator let alone the Genesis account of the universe being made “out of nothing” in a 144 hour period.

Our guest speakers will  present in a logical and concise manner information that illuminates the Genesis account of creation and destruction as reliable and critical to understanding of our past and future.

We are excited about the impact this cutting edge presentation of research and God honoring theories of how the universe and the natural world interact can have on people of faith and the work of the kingdom.

We desire to lift up the power, holiness and loving mercy of our Wonderful Creator.

Our prayer is for truth and clarity surrounding the Word of God.
To build up the Body of Christ in Hawaii we seek to:
Prepare our minds for action.  1 Peter 1:13
Be prepared to give the reason for the hope that is within you.   1 Peter 3:15

We ask you to partner with us in this endeavor.
We solicit your feedback and Prayers.
Could you respond via the Contact Page to learn more or be a part of this outreach?

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